skin deep/experimental filmmaking

Skin deep _ Hymn to Eros_

I perceive the Universe as a living organism. This organism is in constant oscillation. If we define “Oscillation” as vacillating between two states: kindling and extinguishing in a tempo set by the mind then this living organism lives (or survives) in a state of oscillation and assumes this oscillation as life. And because it dies at some point, the length of the life of the Universe is finite. By kindling I mean creation, development and expansion, whereas by extinguishing  I mean self-destruction, regression and contraction (the opposite of development), generally speaking decay. That is so because I believe that development, depending on the prevailing conditions or needs, follows the two-way route. That is to say, a species

( a material body) does not simply develop but reaches its original stages.

A more intense oscillation culminates in greater energy. The energy change and the delicate change in  its coordination may constitute the beginning of a process. Birth or death. The energy reduction of the frequency of a vibration may cause something to manifest itself as matter in the material and visible world. What is more, the increase of a frequency of a vibration causes something to manifest itself as invisible energy. Everything is driven to an “energy alignment” at the specific point in “the present”. Therefore, although the greater part of our knowledge of the world is dependent upon light, we are unable to fully conceive of its properties.

The Body- It is the shadow of an existing object. Of some other object, some other shape-form-figure and not simply of a body as it is perceived by the imperfect human senses.

There is no such thing as isolated people. They are not separated by a void. They are united by light, radiation. They are capacitators of the same material and are forever communicating with each other. If we feel isolated, it is because we don’t fully comprehend the universal continuum. We don’t feel, haven’t sharpened our senses so as to realise that we are not alone. Loneliness is our personal problem, not a problem of nature. Nature did not create us alone, we brought it on to ourselves. We experience loneliness which its the result of our own actions and our own perception There is nothing to be taken for granted. Is anything to be taken for granted in love, for instance? Once you take something for granted in love, love is dead.

It is as if the earthly face of love captures the divine light and once more reveals, in its clarity, the invisible – what is on the other side – digging into matter you find the soul. As if all things complex and multiple are led to the one essence… “To be able to accept this world as it is, to be able to understand that the evidence of the senses is deceptive,  one needs to teach one’s mind to reason otherwise. A different honing of the senses and a different function of the mind, at deeper levels are called for in order to conceive of the invisible and the inconceivable behind the visible. You want to love, but you also want to suffer because that’s true love, otherwise it’s just routine. Love and death complement each other in a different way in each person , but they always co-exist. As long as it co-exists with the mystery of death, love(lust) for life grows, becomes stronger and is more inspirational. However a relationship based on true feelings cannot be one-sided, peaceful. It might always oscillate  and go through several stages, show several faces. But behind those faces, behind temporary sorrows, joys, pleasures, there is something that endures and shows us that we are not alone. We and ourselves, maybe the greatest sacrifice is surpassing yourself. And when I try to do that I tremble at how small I am… so weak and so mortal.

love…this word that dominates the senses…which has never been deciphered. I believe that’s where its magic lies. I wouldn’t like to lose this magic, wouldn’t like to shed too much light on it, because  that is when it’ll become irretrievable. I’ll play with it, Like I did when I was a little girl playing with dreams…not fearing they don’t exist. I liberate myself of the anxiety of the status of love and hold on to its meaning…when I touch lyrics and make images…you can only feel the true happiness of being human if you bleed, if you shed tears, if you taste new things, if you let yourself change through your relationships.

Some words overwhelm you like an alien spirit and you surrender….

It’s the words. Commonplace words making up uncommon sentences, strange words carrying an unutterable weight, words set one after the other so as to create images, feelings, little lights illuminating wide streets. And then there’s also the magic. That inexplicable magic of some people’s words that you know to be right upon hearing them, you know them to be yet another key to one of many doors…..

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“Heaving sighs of love.” 

”(Βγάζει αναστεναγμούς αγάπης). αααααααααα – γγγγγγγγγγγγ – αααααααααα – πππππφουουου – αααααααααααααα – ωωωωωωωωωωωωω… αγαπάω.”


How many sorrows in one word, in one word all these sighs?

This word keeps turning in my throat, it’s turning like a growl.

The people that I hail from do love for pain mistake.

Mother, I’m sick and my heart aches, weak at the knees go I,

Breathless I am, I cannot speak, heavy my chest I feel,

Losing my mind, losing my hair, in a cold sweat I break,

Fever I get, restless I get, no matter where I stand,

Steeped is my soul in loneliness and wild I feel inside.

An endless wasteland is the world. Where, oh my love, are you?


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