I have created a prototype, which presents some of the videos, filmed in real settings.  The videos that I used and added to prototype have been chosen randomly. For the final piece this would be revised carefully.

Prototype_experiment 1


  I thought that a projection of a film would be more suitable for my project’s purpose. The reason that film will be used is that it will create an effect where the viewer will perceive an object that opens which by turn it will directly lead him/she every time, somewhere else to a different direction. To spell this out more correctly, my though is based on the emotion of change, of the setting exactly as in the movies.  

prototype_ part two ( better showing the concept above)

The draft of the scenario that I have created will be a great help which will lead me to the final piece.


The route will start from inside the house.(kitchen place)

The fridge will open and the video will play inside. When video will finish kitchen’s door will close behind. (Not fridge’s door)

Traveling to another place. (Indoors)

A drawer will open and another video will play. The drawer will close after the video finish.

Traveling again to a different direction. On a table, there will be a glass with liquid. The video will play inside the glass.


Traveling… A box will open and the video will play inside. Afterwards ,It will not be the box’s lid that will close, but a bin’s lid outside the house.

Traveling… Zoom in a car, inside the car’s exhaust pipe. The video will play in there.


After this scene, there will be a zoom out -at a shoe.

Traveling… There will be a person who will wear two T-shirts. The camera will remain still and film this person. He or she will lift up the first T-shirt and on the second T-shirt, the video, will play. Afterwards, instead of the lifted up T-shirt (the first one) Venetian blinds will come down. Then the camera will travel to a sink. There will be a zoom in at the hole of sink (hole for water) First, zoom out of the sink and then traveling to a lamp, which will be turn on, and the video will play.





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