Presentation of project proposals_Video


One thought on “Presentation of project proposals_Video

  1. Angelina, I simply loved watching, reading, in short experiencing your site. Especially the last two video “pages”, as you decided to call them: “Performance in second life_ Angelina+Jessica” where, I must admit, being a literature major myself, I concentrated on the extraordinary dialog, and “Presentation of project proposals_ Video” which I found extraordinary again, this time focusing both on your comments and the way you presented them, down to the very last slight nodding of your head and the Greek untranslated sentences(?)you chose to end the Video with, told in your apparent “signature” low profile manner. For the layman, like myself, you managed to quite enlighten me about digital work and the many art forms and philosophical queries it touches upon, making me busy looking up most of the art and poetry references you made. A lot of work! Keep us posted as you continue your quest for the “empty space” and the “void”. The ultimate freedom, as I understood it to be.

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