Performance in second life_ Angelina+Jessica

This concept was triggered from a ‘digital’ meeting in ‘second life’ (massive multiplayer online role playing  game ) This lead us to the creation  of a ‘digital’ performance which was performed by second life characters and the engrossment of the new means and of communication and socialization.


· Jess: For what reason can avatars fuck if they cannot get pregnant?

· Living sculpture: Are you sure that you are not catholic?

· Jess: Who is recycling all the deleted data?

· Living sculpture: Deleted data? Ask F.B.I There is not such a thing as deleted data.
Jess: Are there any virtual toilets?

· Living sculpture: Who wants to be a plumber in their second life?

· Jess: Can the virtual be seen as the climax of all spectacle, the monopole

of pseudo-everything?

· Living Sculpture: There can be…for now I see only the monopole of pseudo-nothing
Jess: Does God exist in cyberspace?

· Living sculpture: I see a church over there but there does not seem to be anyone inside…

· Jess: If I am in the digital world, will the digital world be inside me?

· Living sculpture: No…No…No… Of course, you should always be careful of what you eat!
Jess: Can avatars die, if yes ,where are they buried?

· Living sculpture: Only when we forget about them…I think that the cemetery is somewhere in the back of the brain…

· Jess: Is the virtual the digitalised devil?

· Living sculpture: We know that new technology is the strong point of the Devil’s work…it always…

· Jess: Can cyborgs catch AIDS?

· Living sculpture: Of course! But they feel better after a while…
Jess: Is the virtual world bigger than Earth´?

· Living sculpture: No! Absolutely not! However, I heard someone saying that it has the size of the moon..


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