Group exhibition at ‘Elgeka’ warehouse

I was participating in a group exhibition at ‘Elgeka’ warehouse ( It took us all two weeks to set the place up. In this exhibition are taking part Greek and German artists. It is a big event that doesn’t happen very often in Athens. The title of the exhibition is ‘Tio Ilar’. .

tio(τίω)= I am showing respect to someone… and Ilar(ειλάρ)comes from the ancient Greek word ‘ειλέω’ (ileo) which means roll up… If I analyze the word’ ilar’ further
..there is the ‘power’ of ‘la’ in it. ‘La’ in ancient Greek is the power of the sun which (with adding the ‘r’
to ‘ilar’ -r=flow) flows and protects with its light everything on earth… Hope that makes sense 😉


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