FIVA International Videoart festival


FIVA International Videoart festival
Hall Jorge Luis Borges
Biblioteca Nacional
Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

day 1
Special Sections
Monday 11th, from 16:30 to 17:30 hs.

Miguel Petchkovsky FIVA Program 2013
Curator Video Guerrilha S. Time_frame Curator Paulo Brazil and Holland Foundation.
This program incorporates curators and artists.


Visual Container Italy
“A Star Breath Away” Angelina Voskopoulou 4’51’’
”Gratta e Vinci” Tommaso Pedone 5’45’’

Rose Bond. Artista and director PNCA Portland. USA
Animafest Zagreb 2013 4’45’’
“Unfettered” Sandra Weber / Canadá
“Aquarium” Boris Hergecic /Croacia
“Intra Muros” Rose Bond /Estados Unidos/Canadá

Tommaso Pedone. Curator. Italia
“Ying Aoyun” Lino Strangis 3’45’’ (courtesy Visualcontainer)
“Unsuitable” If 6’05”

Mat Rappaport. Curator University of Columbia. USA
“Gadsden Purchase / Field Test (bdsp-12)” Paul Catanese 1’42’’
“Gadsden Purchase / Field Test mxb-04)” Paul Catanese 1’32’’
“Lutar Ferozmente” Dolores Wilber 8’15’’


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