final show


16. -20. June: build time

23. June: deadline

1. – 6. July: exhibition

5. July: meeting other colleges

7. July: exhibition down


– The curatorial team will represent a balance of all students. No student will be prioritized.

– Students are encouraged to choose just one of their works to exhibit and will not show all the work they have produced (this pertains to drawing, illustration etc…)

– External Examiners do not assess our work, they are there to assess the processes of the school

– A working time line for the entire schedule of events will be distributed to the students

– For the Exhibition planning: The students will all have to complete a small document which will outline what work they will submit so that resources can be managed and distributed appropriately. A 50 word description of the work will also be required for the curatorial team. These forms will be sent out around March (after assessments, but before the break). Submission of the form will be a week after the break.

– For the publications, a cd is required with jpegs for every student (exact requirements for image size and file format will be announced)

– A leader from each of the teams will be voted on (on the 14th) for the coordinating amongst the groups.

– Your participation in the MA Final Show Team will be a part of your professional development , so include all proof of this in your blogs for assessment (emails, whatever work done….)


I spend a few hours working on an idea that I had for a logo. As the main theme is ‘connections’ I used an Ethernet cable.;-) I will spend some more time with this to see what else could be done …

Here is the result :

About my project’s Requirements for the final show :

I thought that a projection of a film would be more suitable for my project’s purpose. I ll be using film in order to create an effect where the viewers will perceive an object that opens, which by turn will directly lead them every time, somewhere else to a different direction. To be more specific, my though is based on the emotion of change of the setting, exactly as in the movies.

Moreover, I had a second thought on how my work can be shown as an interactive installation.

So, there will be a blackboard under the projection of the video (video’s duration probably will be about 20-25 minutes) The person who will watch the projection can also write with a black chalk on the blackboard. The chalk is black same as the blackboard. Therefore, the writing on the blackboard will be faint which will lead the spectator to the concept of empty space (the way I view it). This similar to an empty space, is a space full of something that is not always possible to be understood.

So, I will need :


1 video projector (1024 x 768)

A dvd player

2 partitions on the left and right side of the projection (I need this in order to isolate the sound and lighting from the other videos)

a blackboard


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