eyes walk digital festival

 Artist Introduction Video – Angelina Voskopoulos

Eye’s Walk Digital Festival 2015 “HOME” promo trailer

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The Eye’s Walk digital festival is an innovative festival that connects the unique architectural legacy, the public spaces and the community of the island of Syros with video installation art. The festival takes place in public spaces, and connects video art, painting, cinema, architecture and experience design. This year’s topic is Home: “Home” is our skin, but also a favorite person. “Home” is the country we live in and the country we leave. “Home” is the ugly duckling turning into a swan. It’s the cozy feeling of morning coffee. “Home” – “When you focus with your soul’s eyes, you will see home in many places.”

On July 25th 2015, 10 international artists inspired by “HOME” will project 3d video installations on the exterior surfaces of neoclassical buildings in Ermoupoli: Aliki Arnaouti [Greece], Angelina Voskopoulos [Greece], Vladimir Necakov [Serbia], Sophie Leddick [USA], Katy Kavanaugh [Germany], Arjang Omrani [Iran], Οlga Βrouma [Greece], Ayis Kelpekis [Greece]

Between July 25-29, the “Velissaropoulos historical Mansion” – a listed three stories neoclassical building – opens its doors for the first time ever and welcomes the contemporary art installation “Home? Sweet littlest home”. Created by the “En Dynamei” team, this project was first introduced at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, in Thessaloniki in February 2015.


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