Cinema Varieté_10 Gales Gallery, in Bethnal Green (London)

Cinema Varieté is the new vibrant art evening in which emerging and established artists have the opportunity to present, discuss their work and network with other artists and audience in the relaxed and picturesque atmosphere of 10 Gales Gallery, in Bethnal Green (London). Curated by: iceberg Fernandez.


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*ANGELINA VOSKOPOULOU (FILM) ‘Floating in Space’ Running time: 6′ 58″.


Some of my art work over the past years has been focused on ‘minimal movement’.
My view  regarding the power of that which is minimal has been reinforced by research, the application of ideas and the results from previous research. The movement of a unit is considered to be that which drives all things. I donít wish to lead anyone to wonder about the physical world and its laws or create religious questions regarding God and creation. The project is centered on Man and his inner world.
That which I call minimal movement, is the internal movement, internal action or intensity and how everything doesnít necessarily have to entail external action. Even total lack of movement indicates internal intensities, conflicts, disputes and concerns
My recent work is focused on the meanings of empty space. Through my video work, I try to ërecordí the meaning and the ëimageí that void might has. Moreover, I want to show the quality of empty space and its value. I define void, taking in mind its abstract image, itís ëcontrolledí, chaotic motion, sound, tension and substance ís transformation into something else. I define void like something abstract. Something which moves between full and empty, known and unknown, inertia and motion , light and darkness, sound and silence, real and imaginary, visible and invisible. In each case, I achieve this by using a variety of materials. I used a fabric, a cloth, a button, threads, a bracelet, sand and water, a net etc. Each one of the videos presents different concepts but the central idea remains always the same, the one that defines what an empty space is.
Recently I have created a theatrical group called’ continuous flux’ which is based on Japanese ‘Butoh’ dance . In our performances we use mixed media (live dance+ video art +experimental music).
Generally in my art work, I try to show the emotions I  feel in myself and the emotion I feel in others …
Still from ‘Floating in Space’ by Angelina VosKopoulou.

Ernesto_sarezale_10galesgallery cinema_variete 10galesgallery 10galesgallery0 10galesgallery01 10galesgallery03 10galesgallery04 cinemavariete cinemavariete_10galesgallery cinemavariete1 cinemavariete3 cinemavariete5 cinemavariete6


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