I saw Momix yesterday. “Passion,” the new dance piece by Moses Pendleton. ‘Passion’ is based on ‘The Last Temptation of Christ‘ , a novel written by Nikos Kazantzakis ( . Few years later, in 1988, an equally controversial film adaptation was made by Martin Scorsese. ‘Passion’ performance is a combination of those two influences. […]

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2w33_ About dark matter

I researched some more things about dark matter and found a couple of photos which showing this ‘invisible’ matter in space. (science illustrator magazine, Athens 2007) In astophysics and cosmology, dark matter is hypothetical matter of unknown composition that does not emit or reflect enough electromagnetic radiation to be observed directly, but whose presence can […]

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2w10_ Second life

This week there was an event in second life. Jess and I had prepared a live performance and there was a theatrical dialogue between us based on Dada concept. Here is the dialogue: · Jess: For what reason can avatars fuck if they cannot get pregnant? · Living sculpture: Are you sure that you are […]

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‘The cockroach’

During Christmas vocation I saw a theatrical performance ‘the cockroach’. It was a performance based on dada concept. ‘The cockroach’, according to Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou (director and writer of the play), would like a lot to find the serenity of her soul. The cockroach cannot find the peace of mind in this world. She dreams that […]

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2W7 installation

Artist: Angelina Voskopoulou Title: timeless Description: it’s a short movie and it has to do about how time runs by in a closed vehicle, almost motionless because of rain and in conclusion how relative time is in each circumstance. The front projection has different duration from the back one. In this way the combination is […]

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1W7(some more notes about empty space)

This game of tranforming emptiness is not a contemporary invention. For example in Homer’s Odyssey there is a part in which Odysseus said to the cyclops “Polyfimos” that his name is not Odysseus but rather “nobody”(“Outis” which means nobody in ancient Greek). So, when the cyclops got blinded he yelled that “nobody” was killing him. […]

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