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 Born in Athens, Greece on 14th May 1981.

I am a graduate (BA with Distinction) in Fine Arts and Technology and I also have a Masters degree in Digital Arts(university of the Arts London). I am teaching at Athens cultural center Art and New Media . I am also the course leader in Digital Arts at iversity (platform for open massive online courses) More over, I am working my own videos, as well as sculptures made from polyester. I am also the Co founder and video artist/director of ‘state of flux’ dance group and member of visual container ITALIAN VIDEOART PLATFORM,Since 2008, the first italian videoart distributor and platform for videoart promotion and special projects

On 2009, I received an Honorable Mention award from LICC (London Creative awards), (Skin, Video)

On 2010, I was one of the Representative artists in European meeting of young artists, of the European network for town twinning, congress hall National Center of scientific research ‘Democritus’, Athens cultural center.

I have shown my work in many art festivals and exhibition spaces worldwide(Greece,Italy,Canada,Sweden,London,USA,Spain,Peru,Argentina,Bulgaria,Morocco,Paris,Hong kong )

Most Recent Participations:

4°Biennale méditerranéenne d’art contemporain d’Oran, 2017

Shortlisted at Shoah Film Collection, artvideoKOELN & A Virtual Memorial Foundation

Selected for a special screening program on PATCHLAB Festival in Krákow, 15-16.10.2016 (Sat-Sun) at the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology

Moreover, I was selected  for the Biennial Edition of VIDEOFOCUS,Stigmart10 Videobiennale, special issue featuring video artists and independent filmmakers.

Selected  in The Mdina Cathedral Contemporary Art Biennale, 2015-2016.

Selected for Cannes festival (short film corner, 2015) with the short film ‘Behind this page but not disappearing’

I am part of New Digital Art Biennale, in São Paulo and Part of the of the Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA).

Selected for V International Biennial of Performance – 2016 – V,  Colombia

Interview -Articulaction Art review, special edition, 2016,NY

Flee immediately , 02 issue, Dance and Code / Technology, berlin, London

online exclusive Afterimage,journal for media arts and cultural criticism NY,2016

Furthermore, My short film ‘Skin Deep – An Hymn to Eros’   , represented this year at the Cannes Short Film catalogue and Short Film Corner, 2016

Eyes walk digital festival , Europass,  city of Elefsina, Aishylia festival ,2016

TimeIsLove , International video art program, PLATEAU GALLERY,Gottlieb-Dunkel Str 43,8th floor at Greenhouse,12009 BERLIN (also the show took place at Paris,Hong Kong, Austria, Iceland)

Not random Art magazine, interview, 2016


Some of my art work over the past years has been focused on ‘minimal movement’. My view  regarding the power of that which is minimal has been reinforced by research, the application of ideas and the results from previous research. The movement of a unit is considered to be that which drives all things. I don’t wish to lead anyone to wonder about the physical world and its laws or create religious questions regarding God and creation. The project is centered on Man and his inner world.That which I call minimal movement, is the internal movement, internal action or intensity and how everything doesn’t necessarily have to entail external action. Even total lack of movement indicates internal intensities, conflicts, disputes and concerns.

About my short films

When I create a video work, for the most part, I am creating videodance, (also known as screendance), I am not documenting. I am making dance for the camera. I choreograph a piece knowing that I will re-organize and ‘manipulate’ the material during the editing process. combining Elements such as time, space,  speed and spatial composition. In addition, one incorporates the movement of the camera, as well as the composition of the frames. Even though the body in movement is the ‘seed’ and inspiration of screendance, often the movement phrases get ‘throw’ around, the end becomes the beginning, the body gets fragmented and layers of dancers end up superimposed into different backgrounds, creating a new work which in some cases is far apart from the movement material that it was based on. My decisions are based on the rhythm and composition of the new  piece, as well as on the design, contrast and the proximity to the camera. I am trying to create a creating a visual metaphor. Using a combination of both, narrative and location. The concept of a video choreography, in my films,  is based on my own lyrics  texts and ideas.


2017, Astronaut’s eye contemporary art magazine

2016, Flee Immediately, contemporary art online  interactive magazine, London,Berlin

Flee Immediately! is a publishing platform… that publishs ideas that link technology with society and culture. Sometimes by thinking of technology we can come to understand the why’s and how’s of this crazy world we live in, or vice versa.


2016, Not Random Art! Issue 3, Contemporary art review

Not random art. – The contemporary art review was created to present contemporary emerging artist; restless dreamers, who – both individually and collectively, explore themes inextricably linked to modern society most significant issues. Journeys, displacement, loss, memory and identity, evoking powerful and sometimes unexpected juxtapositions and responses – these will be our central points of interest.


2016, After Image, Media Arts Journal ,Online Exclusive,


2016, ARTiculAction Art Review, anniversary edition,special issue

2016,ISM/OLOGY magazine:


2015, Art Reveal magazine, FINLAND,Interview

2105,the Biennial Edition VIDEOFOCUS, stigmart 10, 12th edition,seven pages interview

 2015, It’s LIQUID is a communication platform for contemporary art/Angelina’s INTERVIEW on future memories event.

experiment bio, 2015


Skin Deep – An Hymn to Eros – Interview with Angelina Voskopoulou:


Online Exclusive,Afterimage,journal for media arts and cultural criticism NY,

exogenisis (2015), by Angelina Voskopoulou


screenings and exhibitions :

2016, special screening program
on PATCHLAB Festival in Krákow, 15-16.10.2016 (Sat-Sun) at the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology

2016,Shoah Film Collection, artvideoKOELN & A Virtual Memorial Foundation

Shoah Film Collection 2016 – shortlist

2016, Eyes walk digital festival , Europass, Aishylia, Elefsina, video projection

2016,The New Bohemian Gallery, one minute films-show, Franklin Arts Center building,Minnesota,US

2016, Off Off  festival, passion theater , Ερωτικές επιστολές Πορτογαλίδας Μοναχής (Video-photography)

2016,The New Bohemian Gallery, one minute films-show, Franklin Arts Center building,Minnesota,US

2016, Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center ‘Blueprints’ exhibition ,USA

2016, Eyes walk Digital festival, Europass,  city of Elefsina , Aishylia festival

2016, Eyes walk Digital festival, Europass, Ermoupoli, Syros Island

2016, TimeIsLove , International video art program, PLATEAU GALLERY,Gottlieb-Dunkel Str 43,8th floor at Greenhouse,12009 BERLIN

Time is love screening : Berlin,Austria,London, Paris …(http://timeisloveshow.blogspot.gr/)

2016, V International Biennial of Performance  V.

2015, Festival Internazionale di videoarte: Over the Real cher si terrà a Viareggio dal 20 al 22 Novembre,Palazzo delle Muse – Piazza Mazzini, 55049 Viareggio, Italy

2015,FLASHFORWARD 8 Dal 15– 23 Ottobre,c / o [. BOX] Video Art Project Space 
Via F. Confalonieri 11 ,Milan , Italy

2015, New Digital Art Biennale, in São Paulo


2015, Eyes walk digital festival, Syros Island, Apollo theater,Greece

2015, court Metrage, short film corner,festival de cannes

2105,the Biennial Edition VIDEOFOCUS, stigmart 10, 12th edition,seven pages interview

2014, Digital Marrakech Festival, Morocco

2014, international art exhibition, TIO ILAR, Athens, Conduit, Iera Odos, Greece

2014, 4ο festival of Aegina island, videoprojection for ‘Medea theatrical performance in collaboration with Altera Pars.

from 2012 until present : flyer designer-poplie web radio(indiefunka) at poplie web radio (www.poplie.eu)

2014, live vjing for stonemouth, a Greek dark wave, post-punk band formed in 2012.

2014, 5th edition of madatac, international competitive official section, experimental and new media audio-visual culture,Madrid (Spain)

2013, Physical digital graffiti,videobabel,international video art festival, Cuzco,Peru

2013, FIVA, international video art festival, Buenos Aires,Argentina

2013, “XXX Fuorifestival” è una rassegna di videoarte e nuovi trend culturali che si svolgerà a Pesaro dal 23 giugno al 1 luglio, in concomitanza con la “Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema” di Pesaro.

2012, Αrtgrease: television by artists, Public Access Cable Show co-produced by Squeaky Wheel & Hallwalls, US

2012, Video clip ,for german music band from Munich , ‘Teilzeitdenker’ ,single ‘still alive’

2012, “LOOPING REFLECTIONS” VisualconatinerTV @ Anemic festival,Prague

2012, screening of video art curated by visual conatiner with the sponsorhip of the city of castellanza,Italy

2011, Group sculpture exhibition,Gallery ‘SYN’ ,exarhia,Athens,Greece

2011, video installation for ‘Little prince’ theatrical play,Athens,Greece

2011, 4th   international video art festival ,proyector 2011,Madrid ,Spain

2001,group exhibition,contemporary fine arts,’Elgeka’ warehouse, Athens, Greece

2011, city of Galaxidi,Group exhibition (sculpture-video art) ,Greece

2011, exploding cinema, Bond House, 20–32 Goodwood Road, New Cross Gate, London,UK

2011, sketchbook project tour ,USA (Atlanta, Austin, Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington ,DC, Winter Park)

2010, cultural exchange with the city of Yerevan in Armenia,an exhibition of video art produced in collaboration with VisualContainer.The project is sponsored by the European Cultural Foundation (NL)

2010, Blue Bridge Art Show, organized by johnsonstreetbridge.org, city of Victoria, Canada

2010, video art screening, first festival of photography in Italy, Busto Arsizio – (Va)

2010, Art Meets Media, Art cargo, contemporary fine Arts, ‘Veto’ newspaper, Athens, Greece

2010, Portobello film festival, London,UK

2010, Videoholica, international video art festival, August in Art, Bulgaria

2010, Exhibition (2formotion project), First parliament of Greece, City of Nafplio, Greece

2010, ‘BOX’ screening exhibition, Milan,Italy

2010, one of the Representative artists in European meeting of young artists, of the European network for town twinning, congress hall National Center of scientific research ‘Democritos’ . Athens cultural center , Aghia Paraskevi.

2010, SmackDown exhibition,Gallery Lambton,Sarnia,ontario,Canada

2010, ‘Medea’ theatrical performance, Altera Pars theater ,Athens,Greece

2009, screening ‘ the medium is the message’,Trinity Lounge, Sarnia Ontario, Gallery  Lambton, Canada

2009, Butoh live performance, Group ‘sinehis roi’ (continuous flux) , ContAct ,contemporary Art club,Thesaloniki, Greece

2009, exploding cinema, short films from underground, The Cross Kings, London

2009, Videoholica,  EDITION/ PEKING DUCK OR VIDEO IN TIME OF CRISIS ,Archeology museum, Inner yard, Varna, Bulgaria.

2009, ‘Tio Ilar’,Group show,Elgeka warehouse,A.Dikeoulia Contemporary Fine Art,GALLERY ‘ART CARGO’ ,Athens, Greece

2008, ‘keravnovolos'(love at first sight), Group Show , Gazi Gallery A.Dikeoulia fine Art, Athens” Art Cargo 2″

2008, ‘butoh’ live performance with a projection of a video, ‘Fournos’ theater, Group ’sinehis roi’,Athens,Greece

2008,participation in digital art week, technopolis , Athens, Greece

2008, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art of Thessaloniki, Greece

2008, Biennial August in Art , Videoholica, Varna ,Georgi Velchev Art Museum ,Bulgaria

2008, Ars Electronica, Austria

2008, group exhibition at ‘Elgeka’ warehouse,Athens, Greece

2008, presentation of video work at Athens cultural centre, Dipeap,Athens, Greece

2008, portobello film festival,London

2008, Athens video art festival,technopolis, Gazi,Athens,Greece

2008,funky monkey show,films you can drink to,Arts London festival

2008, sharp shorts, Arts London First film festival, London

2008, logo for nextcom plus computer company, Athens ,Greece

2007, Strange Screen V – Audiovisual Festival of Experimental Video and Creative Documentary, Thessaloniki cinema museum, Greece

2007, Athens video art festival,Athens,Greece


2007, Art Video screening, Sweden, screening dates available from: http://www.jonasnilsson.org/video.html
2007, Team exhibition at art cafe “chroma-chroma”, for’ “submarine “magazine, Athens, Greece

2006, Strange Screen V – Audiovisual Festival of Experimental Video and Creative Documentary, Salonica cinema museum, Greece


2006?time based arts”, Athens cultural centre

2006 “hum@n.com,Gallery-art centre Pantazidis, Athens
2006 Paper construction for Active Member music group, Benaki museum,Athens.
2006 “2 for motion”, city hall of Kaisariani ,Athens
2006 Video projection at a football stadium for ASTERAS FC, Athens.
2005 “mind the gap”, Gallery Titanium, Athens.

2004, Participation in Difficult Breaths (Nikos Navridis -my maestro), 2004, Video installation 
2004 video projection-team exhibition, National centre of research, Athens.

2004_ participated in the organization of Joseph Kosuth’s exhibition at Hellenic American Union, Athens, Greece, ‘Guests and Foreigners, Rules and Meanings (Athens)’

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