About ‘split down the middle’ video

I was wearing a quiet broad white cloth and tried to make minimal movements in the space. I want to split the image in two pieces in order to have two different effects. Like moving between negative and positive space…
So, lets say that the positive space is the space occupied by the subject.negative space is the space that is not the subject.In other words in my video work the figure-cloth is the positive space and its surrounding is the negative space.By reversing the negative and the positive space of the frame , the relation between the full and void remains the same . It doesn’t depend on the colour or the position that the object has.
It is Something more like a composition which ‘works’ as a balance between the positive and the negative.Now, the negative space has shapes. These shapes have substance or mass. Negative space is not just the absence of something. It has weight and mass, and plays an important role in defining the subject.So, once again in this video I am ’swaying’ between full and void -existence and non existence… (like what is happening in Escher’s works) I call this video’ split down the middle’


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