About ‘ring’ video

The empty space and the repeated circle …The circle is like it ‘cuts down’ the background(the empty, without shape background) and creates a new form through its shape and harmony… It gives to space hypostasis…
the circle due to its specific ‘closed’ shape , transforms the space into an interior and exterior outline..someone can choose which is the interior and which is the exterior , but the question is if there is a difference between the outline of the exterior and interior …between in and out,full and empty …

Through my video work I try to ‘record’ the meaning and the ‘image’ that void might has. Moreover, I try to show the quality of empty space and its value..I defined void taking in mind its abstract image ,its ‘controlled’, chaotic motion , sound , tension and substance’s transformation into something else. other times I achieve this by mixing a variety of materials, with the use of human presence or voice.. each one of the videos presents different concepts but the central idea remains the same, this one which defines what an empty space is


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