About ‘burning wire’ video

In my video work the empty space is not quite visible. Every time it is filled with something else. This is the way I view an empty space. It’s always full and positive, like another kind of presence. In ‘burning wire’ video the central theme is fire.

In my point of view there are two types of fire. On the one hand is the fire as a physical phenomenon and on the other hand is the ‘imaginary’ almost ‘hypnotic’ fire. By using the term ‘imaginary’ and ‘hypnotic’ I mean that there is an effect (some kind of illusion) which is being developed after the eye is long exposed to the fire. When we turn our eyes from it, the eye has kept the image of the fire. At this point, fire doesn’t have a specific shape or a predictable movement.

Fire is the element which is being ‘fed’ from matter, destroys matter and also transforms matter into light and energy.


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