Abstract thoughts about the medeterenian jelly fish(video)

Abstract thoughts:
…while I am swimming on the surface of the sea, I can see the bottom so clearly that at the same time I am wondering if there is any water around me. I feel like I am floating in an empty space. After diving, things start to getting blury and then chaos appears in front of me.
My meeting with a sea creature ,that its transparency-void is the substance that composes its existence , is unexpected and also determing.
A huge medeterenian jelly fish is swimming next to me. Just a couple of optical angles seveale in a wonderful way its existence.
It is a true miracle! Void mixed with void. If something is not empty but full, then I am wondering ‘full’ where exactly is? where is its heart or stomach? If this sea creature imitates the sea and the sea imitates void and I imitate the sea creature… then I could be the void? A part of it?
so much energy and intervation
in a few meters of empty space -in the chaos…


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