button_final mix _video

I could say that an empty space exists till we dive into it. When that happens, its abstract meaning ends. It becomes a space full of experiences. All it needs is a good mood, love, sounds, colours, lines and levels to let the words be born. In other words those elements that can give an “empty space” its attribute.

I believe that the meaning of empty space is the “invisible” material which exists among the visible masses of structures.

The empty space has the potential for anything to exist in it.

This emptiness exists among the substance as space, among the sounds as silence, among the experiences as desire and among the relationships as ellipse.

I think that the essence of determine emptiness is not simple wether something is full or empty, or negative or positive.Most of thr times emptiness is filled with something else .It is an emptiness that doesn’t lack of notions or content but rather it has many versions and possibilities.

Moreover, emptiness is not that which we call ‘empty’. It is minimal, original, changeable,fluid,the source of creativity and the space where anything is possible . The basis of eveything. For example , in everyday life, we call a glass empty when it doesn’t contain liquid, but we forget that in fact it is never empty because it is full of air.

In ‘button’ video, ‘tension’ is the element, which fills and gives to empty space its attribute.

Therefore, when ‘tension’ isn’t present, things start clearing up into what is full and what is empty. In that way, full and empty are two meanings that are not any more mixed up.



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