about ‘net’ video

I decided to re-shot and re-edit the net video. I wanted for its background to use undersea landscapes. So, I shot an undersea video. I experiment a lot with under water’s physical sound as well as with the outcomes of processing what a landscape can provide me as a source of stimuli. The undersea world […]

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button_final mix _video

I could say that an empty space exists till we dive into it. When that happens, its abstract meaning ends. It becomes a space full of experiences. All it needs is a good mood, love, sounds, colours, lines and levels to let the words be born. In other words those elements that can give an […]

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I realized  that what was missing from ‘fabri’ video, is a relatively, abstract, space almost transparent. What I had in mind was that the fabric defines the space. Here is the video :

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