‘The cockroach’

During Christmas vocation I saw a theatrical performance ‘the cockroach’. It was a performance based on dada concept.

‘The cockroach’, according to Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou (director and writer of the play), would like a lot to find the serenity of her soul. The cockroach cannot find the peace of mind in this world. She dreams that goes to the moon, because it symbolizes the loneliness, the possibility of living somewhere else far away.

Moreover there are moments where all of us we are seek of loneliness. It is something like what the Christian teaching used to say “if you go alone in the desert, you will find your self “. There you can hear your voice in you, the trouble in your head. This is what the cockroach is trying to achieve at the play. Trying to find and explore the depth of her soul. »

In her journey (the cockroach is a she because has a name, a female name which is‘Ioanna’) meets other bugs, small insects and rodents such as a cicada, a butterfly, a mouse etc…

The butterfly is the symbol of soul, a side of our nature that is lighter, more luminous. If we could say that a side of our soul would be like a cockroach’s soul, this could be the aggressive side of life . She wants to leave for ever. It is the drop that never falls in the ocean; it is the drop that never linked with the ocean.

She is alone, she is special, when she meets this butterfly that recommends her to relax, and at once she feels desperate. She says “why I have to do all these? I do not have any reason. »So, if we could imagine, that the cockroach was not stressed and would not have travelled so long , she would not have met the butterfly and she would not have saved her life then.

So, what is important finally? Find the meaning of your life from the day that you will be born and live in peace? Or get panic and live things where you wouldn’t be able to live without this panic? So, what is important? Maybe to find your aim and the way to this.


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