ideas and storyboards about ’empty space’ project(you will find here fabric sketches)

I could say that an empty space exists till we dive into it. When that happens, its abstract meaning ends. It becomes a space full of experiences. All it needs is a good mood, love, sounds, colours, lines and levels to let the words be born. In other words those elements that can give an “empty space” its attribute.

I believe that the meaning of empty space is the “invisible” material which exists among the visible masses of structures.

The empty space has the potential for anything to exist in it.

This emptiness exists among the substance as space, among the sounds as silence, among the experiences as desire and among the relationships as ellipse.

I think that the essence of determine emptiness is not simple wether something is full or empty, or negative or positive.Most of thr times emptiness is filled with something else .It is an emptiness that doesn’t lack of notions or content but rather it has many versions and possibilities.

Moreover, emptiness is not that which we call ’empty’. It is minimal, original, changeable,fluid,the source of creativity and the space where anything is possible . The basis of eveything. For example , in everyday life, we call a glass empty when it doesn’t contain liquid, but we forget that in fact it is never empty because it is full of air.

I made a few sketches about an idea that i have developed over the last two months.

There are two people, facing each other and holding the fabric on their hands. They start to swing and sway it. I set up the human figures in an empty area and placed three cameras around them.

Those photos were according to this storyboard:

I use the fabric(cloth) as a means of communication between two people, but as my emphasis is empty space and not necessarely communication within it, i decided not to use the figures, but on the contrary to make use only of parts that have to do with the fabric. I want to show what an empty space really contains and what it defines. Iam interested in concepts and ideas and how these are transformed into digital motion pictures.

I took some trial photos in order to help me organise better this concept .

Some more sketches about the fabric , which revolves and hovers in a space :

This week I experiment a lot with the fabric idea. Specifically, I worked on the video of two human figures and the fabric. I decided to work on it, because there were parts of the filming that had some kind of interest. As it is the first part of the fabric which I filmed, I believe that this rough footage will lead me to a new idea.

So, I want to “speak out” of the above idea clearly…

Well, when I first saw that footage, I was not satisfied and I thought that I would need something more, in order to express my concept. So, I was experiment again on this part at premiere (two human figures and a Fabric) and used a combination of filters. Happily, I discovered that it worked as I had it from the beginning in my mind. As a result of this experimentation, was that the footage, which I believed that was useless to me, now it works. J

My ideas concerning the fabric “alone” will be in progress, as I want to explore the “fabric idea” a little bit more.


Another video that i am working on:

There is a net which revolves in a space among other nets. I have put each side of the net on chopsticks.

The background is dark and so are the sticks in order not to be seen by a naked eye. I am interested to show only the net’s minimal movement in a space. I hold the chopsticks and try to move the net slowly into the space.

Here are some sketches and photos about net_ video:


About Sound Effect And Empty Space:

I see empty space as an emptiness that will be filled as I move toward to it. In the present, I fill the future with hope and goals, aims and intentions. As I approach this space, I strive to fill it with my thoughts and activity, experience and creativity.

I face up to these materials in a conceptual way, like representing my experiences.

For example, the fabric is something that I can handle. It could be wet and cause a special (noise) sound and also could be flat or massive.

On the other hand, there is the net. It fills the space, but at the same time is like it is invisible. In a poetic way, I could say that has this “fictitious non-existence.

I use the storyboards in order to help me organize my thoughts and the way of filming these, better.

The projections probably, will share the same sound effect. Each one of the videos will have its own sound .so they will play at the same time. I have to schedule sound effect from the very beginning.

Sounds may exist, only the time that they vanish. Sounds are fungible and ephemeral (passing). By this way, they become perceptible.

When sound’s motion ends, there is silence. However, the central meaning belongs to silence and not to sound. That is because silence does not temporary halt the sound, but on the contrary, sound break in silence. (The gaps in the middle of sounds).

For example, I put the fabric in a bucket full of water. I wanted the fabric to be heavy enough in order to play it in slow motion and cause a special (noise) sound.

The way I cope with empty space:

This positive confrontation of void makes “in” and ‘out”- “frame” and “theme” to be tantamount. In this way, absence, silence and void get a creative and useful role. Because they express those things that presence, sounds and matter, are not be able to express.

I also want to film the fabric under black light and process the result. I will approach it in a different way, as I can imagine.

Images from video with the human figures and the fabric:

The way I see “fabric” :

I deal with empty space as it is something that can fill the space. It’s also something that can transform the void into something solid. It gives you the feeling that this matter in space is something that you can catch or even smell it. It is a void that can have weight like matter. It is something that can be constructed.

More over, the void could be something solid that has shade. A bright shade, because light has the possibility to penetrate everything, even the empty space.

Previously on fabric:

I uploaded a video with out the human figures. After experimenting on premiere, I have decided to keep the most interesting shots on fabric.

Moreover, after watching it repeatedly, I began to realize that what was missing is a

relatively, abstract, space almost transparent. What I had in mind was that the fabric defines the space. I found out that there are parts that I have over stretched the fabric and others where I came close to its surface. What I wanted to show was that the fabric could conquer the space as well as the space can conquer the fabric.

Beyond the imaginary space of movement, the real screen space exists.

By the use of the zoom in (to the fabric) technique I realized that there are times where the space is “possessed” by the fabric.



fabric with the space

About ‘Button’ video:

Furthermore, I added some photos from a new idea that I have developed over the last two weeks. It is about a button on a rope, which starts to oscillate and creates a resistance. I have to move it with my figures. Will experiment with its motion and sound in space and I will see where it will take me ;-)

This is how it looks like without any further processing

This is how I transformed it by using steet lights background:

Street lights background example:

The void could be something solid which has a shadow. Maybe a bright shadow because light has the potential to penetrate (cross) anything, even the vacuum. It is not necessarily the matter that feels the void. It could be something else. Like a beating, a pulse or a vibration. Also, volume, sound, and light are elements that can give to empty space a meaning. In my point of view, colours can fill the void as well. Colours not as matter, but as we perceive them trough vision. For example, when we close our eyes tightly enough, suddenly, darkness transformed into innumerous glitters of coloured light.

In this video, I created rhythm by mixing the button’s physical sound. The sound plays in different speed duration.










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