2W7 installation

Artist: Angelina Voskopoulou
Title: timeless
Description: it’s a short movie and it has to do about how time runs by in a closed vehicle, almost motionless because of rain and in conclusion how relative time is in each circumstance. The front projection has different duration from the back one. In this way the combination is always random. The projections are taking place in different brightness (low brightness in front projection and high at back projection)

(Image) see attached and also look into the image board.
Exhibit Format details: It’s an Avi movie. All I need is a dark place which has to be closed to a wall.
Equipment list: two video projectors, two DVD players, a screen (200×200), a transparency (200×300), two set of loudspeakers and roof support for the projectors
Details of the installation: In front of the screen (200×200), which will project the video with the route I followed in my car, there will be a transparency where the video with the raindrops will be projected.

Other materials required: whatever is needed to set up the equipment like nails, wire, screw etc
Technical Knowledge needed for Installation:
someone who can help me to set up the equipment
Power requirements
: a 220v plug
someone has to switch on/off the projectors and the DVD players as well.


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