1W7(some more notes about empty space)

This game of tranforming emptiness is not a contemporary invention. For example in Homer’s Odyssey there is a part in which Odysseus said to the cyclops “Polyfimos” that his name is not Odysseus but rather “nobody”(“Outis” which means nobody in ancient Greek). So, when the cyclops got blinded he yelled that “nobody” was killing him. None of the other cyclops helped him because they thought that nobody was killing him. So they ignored him.

White paper has a special role in poetry and literature as a symbol of emptiness with its dark , indescribable whiteness. As Giannis Ritsos, a Greek poet said:” The white is something we call empty. I write a word on the white paper and i create a hole in the emptiness”.The pen creats a hole in the empty space of the paper , much like someone can make a hole in something that really exists. For Ritsos this paper is a “secret void”and when a hole is made in it a “space”is created where the poet can express his feelings .


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