Work with one transparency and projection of a video (2005)

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The work refers to memories and specifically those of two familiar people.
An edited video of personal scenes is projected. A transparency is placed in front of the projector distorting the image and indicating how different the actual event was. The image is filtered through more recent experiences and the passing of time.

The apples are the sum of all the actions, specific actions of specific people (games-biting).
The rolling of the apples has to do with a simple recollection of actions almost from a distance. Actions are presented in a linear and painless fashion. Whereas real actions may cause more intense or personal emotions due either to our presence or personal involvement. The violent falling of the apples represents this.

When we remember something from the past we think of it in parts as if putting together a puzzle, which is really ready and exists in our minds and this is shown with the papers moving in front of the projector.


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