Work with a train (2006)

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The train refers to the ideas – escape, movement and change.
There are various expressions which refer to trains – get on – off the train, miss the train, the train is delayed, a big train… and others. Each of us thinks of various situations either real (daily) or metaphoric, psychological, political.
The circular movement of the train is like that which a real train can make, simple movement.

There are many points of view, there are many ways we see things and they are not simplified. Essentially we can’t understand simple movement because we see it as confused and peculiar. It refers to all those things which appear in our thoughts as very complex. I chose a toy because someone can understand simplicity through a toy. A circle and a train, the simplification of a situation and its distance from people or surroundings. The difference between real and imagined movements is defined through “ideal conditions”. The real train is a mixed up situation (people, sounds) and takes us away from the minimal, which is that which is desired.


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