Figure with lights

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Everything results in the composition of the unit. Something minimal has great power and what on the outside appears as minimal movement may hide power and complexity. For example if we have something big and we analyze it we will wind up with something small and at least on the surface, less complex, the unit which is as strong and complex as the unit it comes from

The figure is surrounded by one light which is repeated pointing out the whole and its uniqueness. The figure is dark-invisible- and so is the space. The movements are limited and the entire setting is almost static.

The music must be like the figure, on the surface complex and modern (electronic sounds), but actually very slow- minimal. The space is seen only through the flow of the light on the surfaces. The second figure appears like an echo of the first to point out how meaningless greater development would be.
Although the light has great speed it resembles a minimal movement such as that of a unit, a person and refers to the internal movement.


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