Notes about “Empty Space”

1w2 (Notes about empty space) We could say that an empty space exists till we dive into it. When that happens, its abstract meaning ends. It becomes a space full of experiences. All it needs is a good mood, love, sounds, colours, lines and levels to let the words be born. In other words those […]

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Work with a train (2006)

The train refers to the ideas – escape, movement and change. There are various expressions which refer to trains – get on – off the train, miss the train, the train is delayed, a big train… and others. Each of us thinks of various situations either real (daily) or metaphoric, psychological, political. The circular movement […]

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Figure with lights

Everything results in the composition of the unit. Something minimal has great power and what on the outside appears as minimal movement may hide power and complexity. For example if we have something big and we analyze it we will wind up with something small and at least on the surface, less complex, the unit […]

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Work with five transparencies

There are 5 levels, a kind of hierarchy, depending on the priorities, needs and conditions of things required. From the moment the icons are in the realm of the mind as ideas and not real icons they are open to various revisions (thoughts). Time and space are depicted through the levels (there is no distinction […]

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On – Off (2005)

There is a hand which turns the switch on and off moving very slightly. The movement of the hand is “invisible”, the lamp responds with light and darkness and what this really means or suggests symbolically (i.e. existence, non-existence). The slightest movement of the hand controls situations which are virtually different. The sound is amplified […]

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